The death of men and women

Among the many tragedies befalling our modern western society is the war among the sexes; which is less a war and more a mutual surrender. A sexual amputation, if you will, of men and women; a dispelling of female and male goddesses; turning men into non-men and women into non-women; allowing themselves to become no more or less than a transport for organs, bodily fluids and muscle that gladly labors at the behest of their owners. And they cheer  “Let us be your slave and give us our milk oh succorer. Save us from ourselves, oh god of Government. I do not know what I do, for I am but a child in your care.”

This is the song they sing. The acidic song of victimhood and perpetual oppression. The song of displeasure with all that is good; giving away freedom for free goods; and valuing ugliness instead of beauty. A veneration of victims instead of heroes and taking pride in failure over our successes. Forgetting all too quickly, that what is free and unlabored, by definition, has no value. What value it has is merely illusory just like the empty pride they carry on their coward backs hunched over looking at their illuminated palms. Questing every hour for validation with their new red currency called a notification. The red coin that falls into the empty chamber that once contained their soul.

But like a setting red sun welcoming the black night, the nocturnal season must eventually pass and true light be restored. For no matter the tumult we endure on this earth, the sun remains unfettered. And so when time comes to pick up the pieces, it is lovers like myself that will be there to guide your step as you rebuild your future.

I do fear, however, that as sunrise approaches, dark clouds will be seeded with hate, malice and ignorance, and forever grow and anchor themselves deeply into our souls to form a perpetual canopy of darkness; Mechanizing the sexes for the benefit of the elite to fuel and fuck them.

Let a man be a man.

And let a woman be a woman.

At once! Before it’s too late!


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