Your life’s purpose

What do I want? What do you want?

As much as I can attempt to describe broadly and vaguely what men and women want, there is really no way anyone could answer the question of individual wants and desires. At least it is certainly nobody’s place to define them for you. But there are still many things that can be said of it, so I’ll attempt to do so while explaining my own wants and desires.

I have noticed that the times I am most happy and joyful are those instances where I’ve made others happy, in particular women. And the times that I am saddest and most distraught are when my words or actions have been the cause of affliction to others, in particular women. Sometimes even longing for my own death. This axis of joy and sadness defines very much who I am as a person and it is this joy/sadness axis that we all need to discover for ourselves. You know you may have found one, when the one thing that brings you extreme joy is the same thing that brings you extreme sadness in its absence or opposite state.

The truest of these (to you) is the one that does not behave like a pendulum; but rather like a vector. In other words, it must be possible to have more of the positive without needing an equal amount of the negative. Otherwise, there would be no progress in life. No forward movement. Your mind, body and soul form the unique catalyst to one or more vectors and this underscores why it’s important for everyone to find what makes them happy. We can, of course, have many of these axis of joy and sadness, but there is one that brings you the most joy without requiring the opposite of sadness. This is what we each must discover on our own.

To do so you must trust yourself and be open to the possibility that the answer is living and possibly changing over time. Maybe right now, you feel that money will make you happy. That’s fine. Pursue money. See how far you can go with those winds blowing on your sails. Be as joyful and thankful as you can with every coin you place in your purse. But if you feel equally profound sadness every time you lose it, as one must, then you know you need to keep looking. But let it fuel your journey. Set your sights on the horizon, and not on the wind blowing on your sails. Explore this expansive world of opportunity that life has presented before you and discover who you are. Don’t be afraid of her. Be anxiously seeking her out. Once you find more vectors of joy, explore them all fully and see how far those winds take you. Try as best you can to shed any vectors that push you in the opposite direction. Joy is forward. Suffering is backwards. It doesn’t mean we can’t feel sadness, but it must never be such that it impedes your progress forward or clouds your happiness.

Certainly, this subject extends beyond the scope of the individual, for we could ask the same questions about a family, a community, a city, a country and a world. But to quote Mr Mehdi:

Help those within arm’s reach, and the whole world will be in good hands.”

So my advice is to help yourself and those around you. If I am within your arm’s reach and I can help you on this journey, know that I will be joyful beyond imagining to do so.

People often ask:

What is the meaning of life?

But the real question should be, “what is the meaning of my life?” The answer is often evident after a person is gone, for it is only in their absence that we see the void they have left in our life and heart. But why wait till then?

Godspeed, angel. Your purpose is great. And greatness is not measured with money, it’s measured by the joy you bring to yourself and others. I hope I brought you joy tonight. It may have seemed selfless, but your smile filled my heart tenfold.


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