For couples – How to pleasure a wom(b)an

The art of pleasuring a wom(b)an (with a silent “b”) begins long before you even reach the bedroom. Loooong before that.

See, we know that few men have historically had the capacity to pleasure women because geneticist are now finding evidence suggesting that for every one man in our ancestry there are 17 or more women. Which means that in general it was a small number of males that attracted a large number of females. In other words, women gravitated to only the “best” men and ignored the others. Biologically this makes perfect sense because given pregnancy being so lengthy and risky it behooves the female to produce offspring with the male that had the best to offer genetically and financially. You can, of course, observe this among animals where a single female will instigate violence among the males so that the winner gets to impregnate her. Gets even more sinister when you look at spiders whom serve the male as food for the children.

In essence, it’s women doing the picking, not the guys. The guys are just fighting for the prize. I mean sure, those guys will brag and think they’re incredible at getting women but the fact is, it’s the women that are the smart ones, letting the men duke it out so the women end up with the better and superior offspring.

Ok, so given the complexity of this subject and the brevity of these entries, I’m going to avoid being prescriptive and instead tell you a number of things that women do NOT like their male lovers to do. In other words, things that turn a woman off. You can then attempt to inverse these in some way and come to a conclusion as to how you might go about making your woman experience happiness. I prefer it this way because each of you men reading this need to find your own way, because if it’s not genuine and sincere, it won’t work. 


Also note that there’s a twist to all this, so read carefully:


When a woman says “no” it definitely means “no” don’t EVER take what I’m about to say as meaning otherwise. What I’m saying here is that “yes” must mean “yes.” Because women don’t like indecisiveness. If you insist on wanting to do whatever she wants all the time, you’ve missed the point entirely. If you can’t take control, can’t assert yourself, trust me, you’ve lost her. And if she insists in having her way just remember, women shit-test men all the time. There aren’t any packs of wolves she can throw you into, so women will often exert themselves as the selective force in modern day society.

Women don’t like someone that’s shorter or weaker than they are. A woman must be able to look “up” to her man and feel, to some extent, overpowered in order to experience maximum pleasure. That doesn’t mean she wants a monster. Women never want to feel like their life is at risk. But they do want to feel like her man would be a threat to the life of anyone that tried to hurt her or her offspring. Fortunately all this means in practical terms is that you be considerably stronger than her, which means that if you’re weak, you’ll want to find an even daintier woman so you can bring her pleasure.

Women don’t like men that are less intelligent or less accomplished than themselves. Even a woman that is highly accomplished and intelligent will not feel satisfied unless the man she finds is at least one or two steps above her. This is partly why career women struggle finding a mate. There’s certainly no shortage of men that would have these sugar mamas, but few or none of these men will ever meet her natural inclination to make sexual selection choices based on how her body has wired her. A woman needs to admire her man. This does wonders in the bedroom for her.

Women don’t like men that other women don’t like. So if you’re unpopular, spoken poorly of, chances are you’re out of luck if you hope to hook up with a woman that is part of your social circle of friends. And nowadays with the internet, trust me, she will look you up if you’re not.

Women don’t like men that don’t have their shit together. This applies to how you behave outside of the house and within. She’s paying attention to how you behave as a father to your children as well as how you’re doing in the workplace. Your wife is paying attention from whether you washed your hands after going to the bathroom to what you prepared yourself for breakfast. Your woman is paying close attention to you. If you really knew how much she paid attention, you’d be disturbed. This is one reason women are incredibly secretive with their men and manage to make you believe they’ve never had a bowel movement.

Women don’t like physically and emotionally weak men. If you’re the kind of guy that gives clammy soft handshakes and walks around with terrible posture, can’t look a woman in the eyes, etc, chances are you won’t be producing any offspring. If you are always doubting yourself, fumbling through your sentences and lack assertiveness, she’ll be excusing herself from your company pretty quickly.

All that being said, these rules can be completely thrown out the window if the man has wealth. Because next in a woman’s criteria for good genes, is good resources. In other words, it doesn’t matter how strong and good looking Fabio the caveman is if he is homeless. The woman will quickly ignore him and take the slightly clammy bald one with the nice crib. This is why we often see beautiful young fertile women marrying old decrepit men. Notice that 0% of the time does that man happen to have average to low income. 

That said, this post is about pleasuring women you’ve already managed to marry so remember these things next time you try to please her:  

Pleasuring a woman has four criteria:

  1. What happens outside of the house (your work)
  2. What happens within the house (your habits)
  3. What happens within your own body (your genes)
  4. What happens to her body (your techniques)

If you can appeal to a woman’s evolutionary biology, her psychology, and her body, you’ll be able to make her happy.

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