The Transgender Issue

The laws government is attempting to pass across the western world such as Bill C16 in Canada (which already passed) are only going to serve to destroy the lives of transgender people.

These laws have been applauded by the transgender activists because it supposedly serves their rights. But it is only going to serve to further death and suffering. Why? Because these laws are going to  provide incentive to the transgender community to pursue frivolous lawsuits and over time this will smear the reputation of the transgender community. The government is, in effect, handing guns (in the form of laws) to the transgender community, and encouraging them to use them. Law makers, of course, will benefit greatly. Nothing like another lawsuit to pay the bills for a new law firm.

Furthermore, the laws are already on their face absurd to most citizens, and the motions are, in and of themselves, smearing the reputation of the transgender people by placing this front and center in the media. The government has been playing this game for a long time and does this with every group of people they can define as a “people.” They’ve spent decades refining this craft by using African Americans as their test subjects. By the mid 40’s the African American community was well on its way to joining the middle and upper class in American society at proportional ratios compared to whites. But ever since the “poverty elimination acts” put forth by the Left (in particular Roosevelt and his successors), that focused their cross-hairs on African Americans (to supposedly help them but really just to stop them from voting republican).. their well-being has been in sharp decline since then. In the 1920’s, African American youth were MORE employed than white youth. Yes, White youth suffered from larger unemployment rates than Blacks. This was especially and also true in South Africa. But when the Whites got upset that the Blacks were out-bidding them in fields like construction, they unionized and put pressure on government to create minimum wage laws and other regulations in place so they couldn’t be out priced or out performed by these smaller independent enterprises run by the Africans. These legal “tests” have spread across the western world and served only to ostracize minorities despite purporting to do the opposite. Most people on the Left still believe these lies but these activists are merely putting up walls masked as laws which will only serve to ostracize and further divide the nation.

I know a transgender woman. She was one of my first clients and a sweetheart. When we had a conversation about this, she agreed with me and, in fact, told me that murders of transgender people were on the rise. It was our conversation that lead me to believe there might be others like her that share my view point. So I went online and sure enough, there are many transgender individuals that are speaking out through vlogs. I suspect, in fact, that most transgender people are against these laws as well, but are probably being bullied to stay quiet or to acquiesce to the mandates of those loudest among them. Much the same way African Americans experience severe peer pressure to behave, to think and to vote the way they are expected to. But don’t be fooled. It’s only the political opportunists and attention-starved that are pushing for these changes to our legislation. They aim only to capitalize on your color, your sex, your gender. Any which way they can strike a line between people and turn it into a wall, you’ll get a law.

I say stop it! For the sake of EVERYONE, including transgender individuals. Let people be who they want to be but for the love of all that is good, stop forcing people to behave like you want them too. Can’t you see both of these are completely at odds with one another?!


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