Here’s my wish:

I am longing to be a dandelion so I clothe myself in white.
I stare up at the sky and say “I am ready to take flight.”

“Blow on me oh wind and make me disappear”
I am ready when you are should the storm come ever near

To be vanquished and to vanish
And one hundred times divided
There is no greater bliss
Than to have everywhere abided

Freedom from restrain
Freedom from the pain
Gone once is gone forever
And forever where I’ll remain

SOFP #8 – Senior Orgasm

This is a continuation of my series “Shades of Pink”

21 and over only please



There was an electric tickle emerging a couple inches above my scrotum. Somewhere low and deep. Perhaps just above the prostate. It was an incredibly pleasant and warm tingling sensation. And then it hit me: Ah yes, this means Continue reading “SOFP #8 – Senior Orgasm”