The Plight of the Submissive Feminist

My dear submissive feminist, This treatise is for you. Have you ever found yourself confused by the calling that is your movement? One day they tell you that male sexual promiscuity is loathsome but the next that it’s a sign of liberation and power when you do it? One day they tell you masculinity is toxic and the next that you must behave and look just like a man? One day they celebrate single mothers but the next march the streets celebrating abortion? One day they teach you how to identify and scorn any signs of cultural patriarchy but the next how the Hijab is a sign of female freedom from the male gaze? One day they tell you rape is bad, and the next that it must be tolerated when performed by an immigrant?  These mandates may seem inconsistent but when unfolding their pattern we can see plainly that their aim is not. Dear womban, you have been betrayed and played the fool. Read on if you dare to know the truth.


Before proceeding any further with this exposition let us confess that modern society and popular culture requires that all women be feminists. For if a woman were not to raise the banner of feminism proudly, she would be met with scorn, be ostracized by her peers and accused of betraying the supposed tribe that is her sex.  In fact, she should see herself as isolated and apart from men, even othered and among the most oppressed of all minorities (despite being the largest group of people on the planet).

Because of this, it is not an overstatement to observe that feminism is among the most perverse  ideologies befalling the human condition at present day.  This school of thought and movement has made many claims that despite changing with frequency,  its  unstated goals have remained unaltered and have resulted in the perversion of society.   What follows is an outline making a case for such a bold statement and how this has lead to the plight of the submissive feminist.  So let us begin:


First it must be acknowledged by all that the emancipation of women has been one of humanities most noblest pursuits in recent times. Sadly very few know the beginnings of her history.  And yes, it’s HER history, not HIS. Feminism, in fact, had nothing to do with it (the emancipation of women). We could go to the Middle East and study the likes of  Tahereh from the 1840’s and the valor she showed when tearing off her veil in Iran. An act among many that got her executed by the government. Her last words were “You can kill me as soon as you like but you cannot stop the emancipation of women!”  We could go further back in time and look at monarchic rulers and queens that often outlived their husbands and ruled empires with greatness. Take Elizabeth I, and note the tremendous odds she faced as a ruler. Her ascension to power from imprisonment, her peaceful rule of England, her battle with Spain and the conspiracies pitted against her by the pope. It is without a doubt one of the most colorful times in England’s history from which emerged great works of art and all of Shakespeare writings thanks to her soft but firm rule over her Queendom. Even her mother, Anne Boleyn, who’s beauty and charm sparked the separation of church and state in the 1,500s was a pivotal catalyst to present day western civilization and the  subsequent reforms that lead to releasing the clutches the church had on the ruling classes. These and many other brave women are well recorded in our history books.


But we can go further back still to the first and second century and see acclaimed poets from China even warriors whom disguised themselves to fight in times of war.  Further back still to the pre-Christian era we find the veneration of women in Greek and Roman mythology.  We can continue to go further back still and study the matriarchal native tribes of South America and those still present in parts of Africa and Asia.   But let’s be fair. The real warriors and heroes among women are those unsung whom breath their life into culture through small and unnoticeable acts of bravery that over many centuries have changed the course of history.


Women have been defying modern stereotypes for millennia and those that did so loudly often paid for it with their own blood. Some societies have been more tolerant than others to these trailblazers. But what was perhaps greatest about all these women is that they performed these actions  while being true to themselves. In other words they used their innate female spirit to bring about statements into the world in ways that could have never been done by a man. After all they were women, not feminists.


The ideology that is feminism began by partnering with the socialist parties of 19th century Britain. In concrete terms, it was the labor parties that had the most to gain from the rise of women in the work force.  From this foundation emerged the authoring of voting and property rights to women. The entire premise of the movement, however, was ill-founded for it stated that women were no different than men and therefore logic would conclude that privileges should be distributed in equal measure along with equal responsibilities. This is why the movement has been coupled with urging women  to adopt male attributes while eschewing their femininity.  A mechanization of the female sex, if you will.


In fact, it is well recorded that as feminism emerged in the United States, most women objected to the idea of voting rights because it meant being subject to the same responsibilities that men had (such as being subject to the military draft or first responders in times of crisis).  But government assured them this would not be the case and that they’d be awarded the same rights but not the same responsibilities. After all, the government had less to gain from women’s blood and muscle and more to gain from their vote.  So he (government) gladly granted them their wishes.


Later, women were told they deserved the same pay, such that a female construction worker should earn an equal paycheck to her male counterpart, regardless of how many bricks she lays or ditches she digs.  And since government is far more incentivized to collect tax revenue than it does to speed-up labor, he (government) granted this to her also.


Later, women were told that dependency on a man was a sign of weakness such that every man, be he a boyfriend or husband must be forced by government to provide for their children without any guarantee he’d even get to see them. And since government prefers money in the hands of those that spend it, he (government) gladly granted this to her as well.


Later, women were told that raising children was beneath them and that childcare was a fundamental right. Breastfeeding was explained to be a primitive practice (to be replaced with formula) and education of children to be placed in the hands of government. And since governments can easily make use of boys without a father figure, he gladly granted this to her as well.


Later, women were told that sexual promiscuity was a sign of empowerment and that what were traditionally faults in men must be seen as praiseworthy in women.  So contraception and abortion were deemed as a fundamental right also. And since newborns don’t pay taxes, he (government) gladly granted this to her.


Later, women were told that portraying women sexually in media was culturally oppressive and that equal representation must be enforced. So censorship and speech laws were asked to be put in place. So he (government) gladly gave this to her also.


The pattern is plainly clear. The feminist school of thought has empowered the government by aiming to double its tax revenue stream and destroy the feminine energy that has traditionally been the moderating influence for men. By extension the first economic unit, the family, has also been crippled and children left with government  as their father and as husband to their mother.


One by one, every trait commonly understood as being feminine were extricated. Now, this has created, in her, a disdain for beauty, a disdain for submissiveness and soft-spokenness. A disdain for monogamy and marriage, a disdain for motherhood and child rearing. A disdain for homemaking and hospitality. A disdain for tolerance, patience, generosity, a disdain for arts and crafts and all of the humanities, and all attributes and powers that are latent within women.  In effect, women have been asked to surrender their womanhood in the name of her new sugar daddy, papa government.


Oh but the confusion doesn’t end there.


Later, despite women becoming quite masculine, they were told that masculinity (in men) was naturally toxic and must be averted at all costs. She was taught about micro aggressions and rape culture and encouraged to report any signs of infraction. And since government likes collecting dues, charging fines and writing new laws from which to do so, he gladly gave all of her requests legal standing.  There is one exception, however and that is… if she were to report an infraction by an immigrant. Immigrants, even if the foreigner was a rapist, must be tolerated, it seems. “Kept at an arm’s length” is what she’s told.  Because let’s face it, government now has more to gain from its immigrants than it does from its feminists.  Ladies, you’ve been harvested already. It’s time to move onto the next “victim.”


Unfortunately for feminism, most women are women first and feminists second. And despite feminists attempt to destroy the female gods  they are still there, however dormant in a woman’s heart.  This is why we must now turn our attention to you, my dear, the submissive feminist.


Who is the submissive feminist? She is the one that feels it deep in her bones, the desire for a strong and competent man in her life. A warm and cradling embrace that only the broad back and thick arms of an alpha male can provide.  The desire for a deep warm cock to bring her pleasure each night.  The desire to give birth and raise children of her own. The desire to take large portions of what her man earns and spend it on the nest that is their home. Provide maintenance, food, and all manner of details that improve her life,  that of her family and by extension her neighborhood, the community at large. It is after all, women that have brought about the civilizing influence on men and through her power given rise to civilization itself. It is a woman that makes a man long to be better and worth her grace. It is a woman that makes a man want to dig deep into the earth for the jewels she desires. To build high for the vistas she seeks. To engineer machines and technologies that she longs for.   To strive for perfection and strength of body and mind to keep her children safe.   It is true, most things have been built by men. But let us not forget that they did it because of a woman’s call.


These desires ache deep within her,  yet her mind has been impregnated with an ideology so perverse that she lives in a constant state of feeling betrayed. Betrayed by those that love her for who she feigns to be and betrayed by herself for allowing herself to be who she has become. Her body is filled with her womanhood but her mind has been infected with an infestation of ideas.  If a man loves and longs for her, she’s told to ignore him for he’s merely treating her like a “piece of meat”.   It is bloody imagery like this that poisons the mind with false ideas. Oh how sad her state of affairs is. The submissive feminist must long secretly for this man. And whenever these thoughts arise within her, she must suppress them. And if she was fortunate to attract such a man, she must emasculate him at every opportunity she gets.   But don’t! Be submissive. There is nothing wrong with it. Embrace it fully and let yourself fall into a man’s arms. He has been longing to carry you for over a hundred years. Let him, lest you bring about a man that has forgotten how to care. For once men stop caring about women, then civilization will end.


This is the plight of the submissive feminist. She is unspoken of. Unattended and ignored by our society. For there is no place for her, other than deep in the shadows of a movement so perverse it will rape her for a vote come next election. And when papa government comes around, she will gladly open up her legs and submit the only way she knows how.

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