Why we self-sabotage

Have you ever found yourself making the wrong decision when you were so close to succeeding at achieving your goal? A stupid detour you took, because a thought parasite entered your brain and somehow convinced you to take that direction even though everything was already headed the right way? This human phenomena is often referred to as self-sabotage. Why in the world would we do this? Why would we stumble just before reaching our goal?


My theory is that most people self sabotage because deep down they really don’t want to achieve their goal. Deep down they know all the responsibilities that will come should they reach that destination and all the attention and additional burdens that will come because of it.  Because of this, it’s easier, and perhaps more gratifying, to have tried and failed, and earn the right to complain about how fate is to blame for their own misfortunes than to go through the burden of being a winner.  This is essentially how fear of success manifests itself. Furthermore our society glorifies and glamorizes victims and underdogs to such an extent that people might even get an endorphin hit when they can see themselves as said victims and therefore will subconciously be driven toward that path of failure.


Don’t be such a weakling. Go off and achieve your goal. Yes, nobody will like you for it and you will be looked down upon by your friends. Nobody wants to be reminded about their own lack of success and that’s exactly how they will feel about you if you manage to reach your own goals. Don’t worry about them. You were meant for bigger things.

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