A magician can fool your eyes
like a philosopher can fool the mind.
A medicine man can fool the body
like a woman can fool a man’s heart.


It’s all a product of being fooled into thinking what can’t be believed

and to seeing what isn’t really there.


And so we build temples to these falsehoods
and buildings for our politicians.
Libraries to store our bullshit
and museums to distract us.
Stages to entertain us
and parks to amuse us.


And all that remains is a lie built upon a foundation of lies.
It’s the human amusement park of civilization!

The great distraction from self loathing.

Consciousness is one thing but self consciousness made us forgetful.
You may find sprinkles of truth on this cake. But more sprinkles here or there make no difference at all when you are knee deep in excrement.


But it’s ok. Know you are being lied to, but at the very least stop perpetuating it to others.
Stop when the light turns red, but know that red and green are merely shades of gray.


Liberate your mind but follow the law.
At least then one part of you will remain unchained.
One link at a time until you are entirely free.


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