Please my love, promise me this:
Promise me that you will find a man that loves you at least half as much as I do for I love you enough for many lifetimes over.
Promise me that you will find a man that is honest, sincere and forthright, just as I have been honest, sincere and forthright with you.
Promise me that you will find a man that is committed to loving and to hold you through to the end and to be faithful to you and to you only.
And promise me that you will marry that man and live as happy a life as you can with him. Because then you will have found a man better than me and a man that could give you something I could not.

And as you seek this man and travel this path remember this:

Remember that misery loves company.
Remember that the dejected always seek to deject others.
Remember that the fallen always want even their loved ones to fall beside them.
Remember that in a man’s eyes, in his words and most important of all, the fruits he bears, you will best be able to assess his quality. Remember that there is nothing wrong with learning to love someone. I have found love that is slow to catch fire is the longest lasting.

After all:
“Relationships are the anchors to our character. Plot them carefully that your journey may guide you to solid ground.”

Because when you succeed, those that have failed will feel betrayed and they will make you feel guilt for your successes.
Because when you triumph above all, those that have failed will feel abandoned and treat you as an alien among their midst.
Because when you rise to a place of happiness and contentment, those that have failed in this, will blame you for their sadness and not themselves.

Please ignore them. Don’t let the gravity well of the fallen bring you down. And finally remember. You can’t raise them up. So carry on, forge new relationships and abandon those that are toxic for you. The best you can hope for is that your example will inspire them to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and follow your lead.
You must travel light in this world “for a bare hand is an able one.”
with love,



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