When I die I will smile if I remember this one thing: That I died as myself and not as someone else.


This is true victory. To have shed all the trappings enshrouding me through family and culture. To die naked and leave just like I came into this world. Truly, that is completion.


If I can leave this world knowing that it is me that is dying and not someone else then I am the most victorious of them all. If my life ends and I know it is indeed my life that is ending, I will shine supreme unto myself and will leave this earth with a smile and a fully realized heart.


This lampshade has but a few opacities left to clear.
And a few garments left to shed before I say farewell.
I assure you that through the pain I will be joyous on my last breath.

I will be joyous because I will know, i met me before I died.
Only a few get to understand what it means to become as fully one’s self as one possibly could. This is the bounty I have been given.

What a true fortune to have this, to be given the key.
My life was a mere turn to unlock the self.

Oh how much more I could have accomplished, had I not been clothed in someone else’s trappings.



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