Sailing with my heart

She got me sailing with my heart and nothing else.

The speed was beyond this world.

You don’t realize you’re actually doing it until your ship is above the clouds and you poke your head over to look down.

Then the head begins to think and all your navigation goes awry.

That’s when the ship nose dived.

But instead of falling onto water, we were headed straight down to solid ground.

She turned her back toward me because I had failed her.

I cried out and begged her to face me.

She wouldn’t.

And then as I was looking down to the incoming land, feeling defeated.

Her hand gently touched my shoulder.

She glowed resplendent and engaged my heart again.

The ship floated effortlessly back into heaven

And she restored the balance.

And restored the glow that was this fusion reactor of love between us.


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