SOFP #10 – I Thought it Was a Myth

Continuing my erotica series called Shades of Pink

For ages 21 and over please.

Ever since my past encounter with Bella, she has become all I can think of. I’ve become so consumed by her I do everything I can to find an excuse to see her again. A day without her feels like an eternity. And a day with her is like being in heaven.  Be it our conversations or the way we make love, there is absolutely no friction between us. Other than the good kind! 😉

What i mean is that we fit together so well that there is nothing between us that gets in the way of us fitting together seamlessly.  Conversations flow. Sex seems limitless and boundless. Neither of us holds back anything from the other and is completely open, honest and totally transparent with one another.

Today she opened up to me about her past lesbian escapades. I told her about the porn addiction I overcame which lead into conversations about sexual fantasies ranging from embarrassing to shocking.  We talked about marriage, my marriage and her future marriage with her future husband. How we both would marry each other instantly if circumstances were different. I told her how I wish i could convince my wife to let me marry her as my second wife and we could have a polygamous relationship. I could totally see her and my wife getting along. We laughed and dreamed about it all.

Bella understands my commitment to family and appreciates it. I told her I don’t want to instill a pattern of unfaithful men in the eyes of  my children. Nor that of a father that abandons them for a beautiful woman. I also made a commitment to my wife. I told her that when i ventured into this polyamorous lifestyle that i wouldn’t leave her.   I stand by my commitment and Bella knows this. After all what would my commitment mean to Bella if i couldn’t even hold my prior commitments.   The problem is that I didn’t know loving this hard and finding someone that made me feel so easy like Bella would ever be possible. That’s the detail i failed to consider would even be possible.  When I ventured into the world of becoming a healer and lover of women, I had become accepting of the idea that I was not a lovable person. But that I was simply meant to be loving to others.  I figured, certainly there must be people out there that could use love, even if it was from someone they had no desire to love back. My thesis about men and women had concluded that men loved women but women only love the things men could provide them.  So I figured, it was a safe adventure to go on (that of giving love and not expecting it to be reciprocated).

Bella proved me wrong. And after falling in love with Bella i couldn’t be polyamorous anymore. I don’t really want to love anyone else. Is there such a thing as being dual-amorous? Bipolamorous?  God i love her so much, i could love her and her only if it were in the cards.

The conversation then continued and became playful:

After telling her about my past, I said: “I was thinking of becoming a prostitute.”  I was only halfway kidding. She smiled and played along saying “i could be your pimp.” To which i smiled and thought “God she totally gets me.” – “Look at that woman” I pointed at a very fit 60 year old woman walking by with yoga pants on. She looked well off and very healthy and fit. “How much do you think she’d pay?” “Oh i don’t know, maybe a few hundred? We’d split it 50/50”  I frowned and countered “70/30”  She closed her eyes in deep thoughtful and responded “60/40 and you keep the entire tip”  “Deal!”  I fall a little deeper in love when I talk with Bella. She doesn’t over analyze everything I say. Conversations are like an infinite game of ping pong where we each playfully pass the ball back and forth without any desire to score points.  Then she interjected: “But could she really make you hard?” I looked over and saw her walking away shaking her old but fit booty and looked back at Bella with a lustful squint in my eyes and nodded with a confident crooked smile. “i’d fuck her so good she’d feel like it was her first time” She laughed hard. Making Bella laugh and smile is one of my favorite things to witness.   I confessed that “I didn’t actually like young girls. No offense!”  She glared at me.  “I have a weak spot for old ladies. I just would love to see the look on their face when they cum. It would be like opening the Ark of the Covenant”  To which she burst out into tears laughing.

In the end, all that talk about sex made me incredibly horny. My pants had a spot from the penis drool.  I also made her incredibly jealous. All of which was a perfect combination for the hot lovemaking that was to follow.

We went back to her place and didn’t even bother turning the lights on.  As far as we were both concerned, foreplay was done with.  We shed our clothes and her silky smooth 21 year old body met my 38 year old furry chest. I felt like a werewolf preying on her long thin neck. “Augh!” she moaned. I kept kissing whispering dirty talk into her ears. “How best can i serve my goddess” i finally said. There was a long pause. “Be honest… tell me what you really want” I said. I could tell she really wanted something different and was struggling to let the thought out through her lips. With adorable weakness, she muttered “I want you to finger me.” I was so delighted I cast a sly smile back at her and my head vanished down to her breasts as she lied on her back. I kissed and licked each of her nipples as my left hand made its way down to her bare and freshly shaven pussy. She was so wet, it would have been easy to dive in.  But I touched her gently at first using all five fingers letting her feel the heat and electricity coming from my palms.  It was how I’d start all my tantric yoni massages. I worked in some soft circular motions gently stimulating her anus with my middle finger and clitoris with my thumb.  It slid above and around the clitoral hood and worked it’s way in spirals slowly to the tip.

Her back was arching and her mouth was moaning. There was so much air between her back and the mattress i slid my other arm effortlessly underneath and ensnared her entire waist with my biceps and penetrated her pussy with my other thumb. She inhaled being unable to let the air out. She was suddenly frightened but exhilarated. She started to whimper.  “Don’t stop please”  she muttered, unable to exhale.  I rubbed deeply and pressed upwardly. Right against that g-spot.  What followed blew my mind.  For all this talk about the penis being a sensitive part of the body, my thumb could feel on a whole other level. I could feel her deeply and intimately. Like a medical device inspecting and studying every muscle and every flexion.  Her g-spot was open and wet and as i’d rub and press it, her uterus began to swell. The contractions were amazing to feel.  I was about to witness the birth of an orgasm.  The power and strength of her contractions were outside of this world. My strong arm and hand had to struggle to keep my finger inside. Every flex and moan kept trying to squeeze me out. But i stayed in there and pressed even harder . She started to whimper and tears started to flow. “Don’t stop please” she cried out. “I’m so close!”

I was so fucking turned on by all this. My dick was throbbing as my thumb conveyed everything it was feeling to both my heads. And then it finally happened. Her uterus expanded and stayed hard while her head shook left and right. She was so out of control, and feeling self-conscious she covered her face and made sounds resembling pleasure, tears, laughter and shouting all in one.

I loosened the pressure with my thumb and changed the pressure point back to the gspot and let her uterus swell out over my thumb. I held just the right pressure until suddenly she ejaculated hot clear liquid which shot violently up my palm and wrist. No it wasn’t urine. This was different. The discharge was immense but very quick.  My hand and forearm were drenched in this mythical liquid poorly underrated as a squirt.  She was feeling weak but fully released and satisfied. She gestured me to come hug her as tears flowed down her face and she whimpered the words “mine, you’re mine! Mine, mine, mine!”

My dick was throbbing so i stuck it between her thighs as i spooned her with adoring affection. We stayed there for five minutes just hugging each other.  I could feel her heart beating through her back and her chest breathing into my arms.  She was finally able to relax and calm down fully.  She only then realized how hard i was and so she turned around to look at it. She smiled and licked her lips.  It’s been a month since that epic blowjob she gave me.  She reached down to try again, and despite me desperately wanting it I stopped her and asked instead if I could cum inside her.  She perked up with an adorable smile and said “That’s how it should be! Yes!”  And she quickly lied back down on her back and spread her legs. It was so cute to see how thrilled she was. It would be my first time cumming inside her. She’s on the pill, but i’ll admit,  part of me really wants to get her pregnant.  Our chemistry is so strong, we’d be bound to create incredible children together. “But what would we do if I got pregnant?”  she asked. “We’ll figure something out” i said. She smiled and reached for both my shoulders and pulled me into her. I got harder at the sight of this beautiful and intimate moment. I placed one arm beside her making the bed sink beneath her and wove the fingers of my other hand through her hair as i descended like a jet coming in for a soft but firm landing. “Augh!” she moaned. “God i can’t believe it I think I’m going to cum again” she said. “You opened me up Kamal!”

I couldn’t believe it. I was now feeling those amazing reflexes but up and against my penis. The pressure was amazing. The look on her face was delectable and the sounds she moaned were deliciously arousing. I didn’t think i could last long enough for her to cum again but it happened. As my cock entered and exited she stopped me midway and said, “Right there, hold it right there please”  My tip was hitting her g-spot. I couldn’t stop going in and out, though, so i just didn’t go as deeply as before.

“Oh god, that feels so good honey. A little tighter and faster ok? I want to squirt all over your cock. Stay tight ok? Stay close. Don’t let me squeeze you out please. I want to feel you in me through to the end. Oh god there it comes. Fuck me Kamal, fuck me tightly. yes yes yes!!! Oh GOOOOOD awwww! No! No! NO!  it feels so gooooood! Ahhhhhhhhh Kamal! Yes! Yes! Yes! there’s more, don’t stop, it’s coming again.”

She tightened her jaw and then relaxed her lips into a perfect “o” shape. Here eyes looked terrified and she started to cover her face because she was too afraid of me seeing her this way. I wish she wouldn’t. There’s nothing more exciting than the look on a woman’s face during orgasm. I also could hardly believe she was doing this again! She started to whimper. She looked like she was about to start crying and then her muscles tightened, again, she was completely silent and hot vaginal, liquid squirted violently up and around the shaft of my penis into my pubic hair and then further up my belly. It was freaking hot and warm. My whole pelvic region was getting to bathe in her incredible release.  I was so fucking aroused by how selfish she was being my balls felt swollen and tingly and I immediately released so much sperm it felt like i was having a series of orgasms myself, unloading and bloating her pussy with my warm creamy sperm explosion after sperm explosion mixing and swirling in with her own release.

I was moaning her name uncontrollably as i released my sperm into her sizzling hot and wet tight vagina. We made a love cocktail just then that was worthy of being recorded in the annals of history. She’s crying. A soft and weak whimper. Like a child that lost a teddy bear. Her lips curled as she spoke “oh kamal, i’m so happy right now, i don’t ever want you to leave me. This is the most amazing feeling ever”

She sat up and embraced me. We lied down beside each other, holding our sweaty naked bodies closely and fell asleep and in love.

Written by © 2017


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