An introduction to this blog

What you are about to read and experience is raw, unfiltered thought and emotion. Some of it will be shocking, thought provoking, abrasive and maybe (perhaps) at times, heartwarming. But there is certainly very little here for those that are light of heart. There is a lot of light, yes, but there is a lot of darkness here as well. I’ve deliberately made a point of expressing my views as sincerely as i possibly could when writing these posts. In a world when we are bombarded with so many lies, I feel so asphyxiated that I need to see honesty, and find some oxygen even if from my own work.

I explore my own philosophy and thoughts on humanity, the sexes, sexuality and relationships and in general, criticisms i have about emerging trends in western culture that i fear are taking us in a bad direction (toward slavery instead of toward freedom).


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Thank you for stopping by.




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