The Meaning of All Things – The Cosmos and Even You.

Existence as we are able to perceive it is a contest in slow motion. Energy amassed and collected in small concentrations, eager to amass more for itself. I am not speaking about physical energy, though this is true also. I’m talking about spiritual energies so please allow me to explain this further.

The force that enables all things to exist is love itself. This love is like an energy, flowing eternal in the past and in the future. It is able to penetrate all things, even physical energy, and yet not disrupt it. It is infinitely faster than light and despite its invisibility and unpredictability it is responsible for even shaping the stars and planets themselves. How is this?

This energy that is love, infinite in speed, invisible to our perceptions and indetectable to our senses is the most humble of all energies, for despite it’s immense power it will stop instantly for the being that welcomes it. If I open my heart to this love eternal that has been flowing through me, it will surrender itself to me and absorb itself in me.

In many ways, nature is merely a canvas which offers a multiplicity of ego-voids (a term I will explain). And every ego-void must draw love unto themselves to form themselves through the love of the self. This is the first love derived from the all pervading love force that the maker impregnated existence with. We rarely access it directly because we have learned to do so indirectly through the creatures and plants that we consume. They received their share through the plants and minerals they consumed and these plants and minerals derived it indirectly from the sun and all other energies they could access. But if you follow the chain into the realities that are imperceptible that form the foundation of all things, inevitably something there accesses the love in the cosmos directly.

Humans have an immense and yet untapped capacity to do this also, despite the distance our material reality has from this foundation.

If you’d like to learn more about this, read my first post on this subject titled “love”  or follow this blog as I soon plan to unveil the secrets of eternal life.

Written by © 2017


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