Principles, do you have them?

What are your principles? Principles? Sometimes I wonder if i have them. And if so, what they are. Have you ever asked yourself these questions? Maybe write them down before reading this. Really, it might be good to do before letting this influence you. So do you have'm? There comes a time in many people's... Continue Reading →


Into hedonism and back

For a time, i ventured off into what some might call a hedonistic lifestyle. Some might even think that what i did was me venturing into the "dark side." Or exploring the forbidden. My reasons for doing this were varied, some noble and some purely out of curiosity. I learned quite a bit, about different... Continue Reading →

The secret to a long lasting marriage

I've learned the hard way that the death and cancer for any relationship, be it romantic, professional or otherwise, is resentment. It's often something that arises quietly and without you noticing it ... until it's too late. It seems we struggle with being honest about the expectations we have with each other. We'd rather stay... Continue Reading →

The story we weave

If you read my┬ápost "i am alien" and have your head screwed on straight you will have noticed the childish nature of that post. So much so, i'm embarrassed to leave it up, but it genuinely reflected how i felt in the moment as it's a feeling that reemerges in my mind and it just... Continue Reading →

The cycles of trauma

Your trauma wants to stay alive and if it has to, it will kill you trying. A traumatic moment, be it corporeal, sexual or verbal is often characterized by a truncated moment in time. In other words, the abuse is often characterized by an action that didn't have the proper preamble or closure in order... Continue Reading →

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