The Plight of the Submissive Feminist

My dear submissive feminist, This treatise is for you. Have you ever found yourself confused by the calling that is your movement? One day they tell you that male sexual promiscuity is loathsome but the next that it’s a sign of liberation and power when you do it? One day they tell you masculinity is toxic and the next that you must behave and look just like a man? One day they celebrate single mothers but the next march the streets celebrating abortion? One day they teach you Continue reading “The Plight of the Submissive Feminist”

The Transgender Issue

The laws government is attempting to pass across the western world such as Bill C16 in Canada (which already passed) are only going to serve to destroy the lives of transgender people.

These laws have been applauded by the transgender activists because it supposedly serves their rights. But it is only going to serve to further death and suffering. Why? Because these laws are going to Continue reading “The Transgender Issue”

Is Diversity a Strength?

Diversity is a strength… or rather, it can be. Unfortunately, in this multicultural experiment that is the United States, diversity has far too often become a source of enmity and division. And I would argue that it is in no small part due to government intrusion and the way media portrays people of different races and cultures.

The government divides us by giving groups their names, and pretending Continue reading “Is Diversity a Strength?”

Penis Size – The Untold Truth

Despite not having owned a television for more than a decade, I still find ways of paying attention to prevailing views among popular culture. A mistake, really, because it’s often only to find myself distraught by the countless lies that prevail on mainstream television and news. It’s frightening because so many people, I know, view their messages as gospel. I often recall the stories about illiteracy Continue reading “Penis Size – The Untold Truth”