The Victim Gene

For the past ten or so years I've been at once fascinated and yet alarmed by the toxic veneration people have for victims in society. Other critics on the topic have coined terms such as "victim-classes" or "victimhood Olympics" when debating the subject. I've also focused a lot of mental cycles in trying to decrypt... Continue Reading →


There is no honesty left in the world

If I were to summarize the last eight years it would be "lies, lies lies!" Lies from our politicians, lies from the media, lies from our friends, family and those that claim to love us. It's been incredibly sinister, suffocating and sad. So suffocating, in fact, that I believe it's the very thing responsible for... Continue Reading →

The Plight of the Submissive Feminist

My dear submissive feminist, This treatise is for you. Have you ever found yourself confused by the calling that is your movement? One day they tell you that male sexual promiscuity is loathsome but the next that it's a sign of liberation and power when you do it? One day they tell you masculinity is toxic and... Continue Reading →

The Transgender Issue

The laws government is attempting to pass across the western world such as Bill C16 in Canada (which already passed) are only going to serve to destroy the lives of transgender people. These laws have been applauded by the transgender activists because it supposedly serves their rights. But it is only going to serve to... Continue Reading →

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