The validation drug

Being with others that share your same views makes you happy because it validates your views and validation makes you feel happy about yourself. Feeling happy about yourself therefore makes you happy. But if you need others to make you feel happy about yourself then you will need others to feel happy and will therefore be unhappy most of the time because you are alone most of the time.

So the trick is to Continue reading “The validation drug”

Why many women fail

It’s that time of year that my wife insists on being proactive about signing our kids up for classes.

This, as usual, sparks a debate on a matter we hold sharply opposing views on. She wants our kids taking as many classes as possible and I on the other hand, hate public schools and would rather homeschool them.

She did ask me this time “why I hated schools so much” to which I Continue reading “Why many women fail”

Why girls don’t like nice guys

What follows is an observation that will offend many men and women. Therefore, consider yourself trigger-warned. Furthermore, in this essay, the sexes are spoken of in broad general terms as beings that are driven primarily by their biological mandates (a term that I will explain). Therefore, if you are highly sentient, it’s quite possible none of this may be relevant to you, but it may help shed some light on behaviors you have observed in your fellow bipeds.

It is within this framework that i am hereby using the terms “men” and “women.” Let us begin!  Continue reading “Why girls don’t like nice guys”

Your life’s purpose

What do I want? What do you want?

As much as I can attempt to describe broadly and vaguely what men and women want, there is really no way anyone could answer the question of individual wants and desires. At least it is certainly nobody’s place to define them for you. But there are still many things that can be said of it, so I’ll attempt to do so while explaining my own Continue reading “Your life’s purpose”