For couples – Why one should stay home

Continuing with my series on advice for couples:

Tip 2

If you and your special other are raising children it is best for one of you to be a homemaker. It could be the man or the woman. How to pick? I say whoever has the most earning potential or can earn with greater ease should be out earning. And the one that can raise children with most ease should stay at home raising. Hopefully this was first among your criteria when choosing a mate.  Continue reading “For couples – Why one should stay home”

For Couples – Your other half

I think I’m going to now start a series on relationship advice. Goal being to keep couples together. Yay for togetherness!! 🙂

Tip #1

There is no such thing as your other half unless you are willing to be the half they’re looking for also.  So if they are not willing to be exactly like you want them to be and you are not willing to be exactly like they want you to be? Well then Continue reading “For Couples – Your other half”