SOFP #10 – I Thought it Was a Myth

Continuing my erotica series called Shades of Pink

For ages 21 and over please.

Ever since my past encounter with Bella, she has become all I can think of. I’ve become so consumed by her I do everything I can to find an excuse to see her again. A day without her feels like an eternity. And a day with her is like being in heaven.  Be it our conversations or the way we make love, there is Continue reading “SOFP #10 – I Thought it Was a Myth”

SOFP #9 – My first blowjob



For ages 21 and over please.

This is a continuation of my series titled “Shades of Pink”


As an artist and photographer that admires, studies and enjoys portraying the human form, I often find myself in close proximity with people’s bodies, both male and female. It’s a joy for me and i think the models i work with enjoy it also because they like to be seen naked and admired in that way.

Continue reading “SOFP #9 – My first blowjob”

SOFP #8 – Senior Orgasm

This is a continuation of my series “Shades of Pink”

21 and over only please



There was an electric tickle emerging a couple inches above my scrotum. Somewhere low and deep. Perhaps just above the prostate. It was an incredibly pleasant and warm tingling sensation. And then it hit me: Ah yes, this means Continue reading “SOFP #8 – Senior Orgasm”

SOFP #7 – Overcumming a Happy Ending

Continuing this series on sexuality I’m calling Shades of Pink.

Some will be intended for women and others for men.

But whether you’re a boy or girl, please close your eyes if you’re under 21 !-)


Whether you like thinking about it or not, you came out of a man’s penis and a woman’s womb. There’s no other way about it. Sperm meets egg and voila, a two ingredient recipe for a human baby. So there is nothing fundamentally bad or wrong with ejaculation. It’s a lovely thing really.

But cumming into Continue reading “SOFP #7 – Overcumming a Happy Ending”

SOFP #6 – Sexual Fluidity and the Male G-Spot

Is sexual identity exactly what it sounds like? A brand that one “chooses” to identify with? A sexual “identity”? Just selection based on personal preference? Perhaps not unlike one might prefer certain foods as a child and others as an adult? In fact, if we think this through, it’s quite possible this is indeed not far from the truth. Or at the very least we must assume that if being sexually fluid, is in fact, a true sexual way to identity (or hetero-flexible as some would prefer), then sexual identity must be able to be fluid. Sexuality couldn’t possibly be predetermined, and be fluid at the same time. Unless we Continue reading “SOFP #6 – Sexual Fluidity and the Male G-Spot”

SOFP #5 – The Manly Man


Am, a man!

A hairy man


I am her man and hers alone.

And hers..

and hers over there too.

I am a woman’s man, a ladies’ man.


Long have women longed

to run their long fingers

through my long locks.


I am their protector and savior.

The soil beneath her feet.

Her sustenance!

I provide her with wealth and riches.

I split trees with one arm.

And plant new ones with the other.


Behold my trees.

My trees are manly trees.

Strong, bright and colorful trees.

Wide, broad and fruitful trees.

My trees bear strong fruit

Manly fruit.

Juicy fruit.


Bears reap their strength from my manly furry trees.

And the manly furry trees I split with my one manly arm to provide the soil and home beneath her feet

And the roof over her head.

At night when she longingly runs her long fingers through my long locks she then reminds me.

I am a man.

A manly man.

A ladies’ man.


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