The Masks You Wear

As humans have evolved and crafted technologies and languages to improve their chances of survival, the realm of thought so too has had its own development. Once survival came easy, civilizations flourished and the realm of the intellect expanded. This is when we witness humanity crafting and building intellectual frameworks to sustain mental survival in an atmosphere of close proximity to others. Be it in the form of a family, the tribe or the nation.

One of these mental frameworks allowed humans to divide themeselves early on into roles. Humans still do this to this very day by fabricating a variety of personas suited for different encounters. It’s often a way of fitting in with the crowd or a specific situation.

For instance, Continue reading “The Masks You Wear”

The Final Codification of Good & Evil

For many thousands of years men and women have been attempting to codify the meaning of Good (God) and evil (Devil).

And thereby also attempting to define what are proper and improper human behaviors. Establishing social constructs and social contracts that have provided the stabilizing force from which civilizations have emerged. ┬áBut all codes have been Continue reading “The Final Codification of Good & Evil”


Here’s my wish:

I am longing to be a dandelion so I clothe myself in white.
I stare up at the sky and say “I am ready to take flight.”

“Blow on me oh wind and make me disappear”
I am ready when you are should the storm come ever near

To be vanquished and to vanish
And one hundred times divided
There is no greater bliss
Than to have everywhere abided

Freedom from restrain
Freedom from the pain
Gone once is gone forever
And forever where I’ll remain


The force that enables our existence is love itself. Flowing eternal, penetrating all without disturbance, love is infinitely faster than light and responsible for shaping the stars, planets and space itself. Nature’s canvas offers a multiplicity of egos. They each draw this love unto themselves to form themselves through the love of the ego. There is nothing right or wrong about this, it just is. It is, in fact, (the ego) that is among the first Continue reading “Love”