The moment I was enlightened

The moment I was enlightened was the moment I was sent into darkness. Many years ago I was forced to let go of my home and after it had all been vacated I walked in one last time to say goodbye. I stood in the sun room where my office used to be. I stood... Continue Reading →


Final Poem

When I wrote this, I thought it was going to be the last thing I'd ever write. Life is a noble lie. Pursuits of illusion. to keep the gears turning The dandelion must aim to become a beautiful white sphere. Yet it mustn't know that the very thing it aims to become will annihilate it.... Continue Reading →

The Masks You Wear

As humans have evolved and crafted technologies and languages to improve their chances of survival, the realm of thought so too has had its own development. Once survival came easy, civilizations flourished and the realm of the intellect expanded. This is when we witness humanity crafting and building intellectual frameworks to sustain mental survival in... Continue Reading →

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