Where are you located?

I live in Snohomish county near Seattle

Are you up for meeting in person?

Sure, if you don’t mind meeting at a cafe near me.

What are your clients usually looking for?

I’ve encountered a variety of needs. One of my first customers was a victim of repeated sexual assault and sought me out to help her restore a positive association with male affection. She had been repeatedly strangled and said she couldn’t let a man near her neck ever again. By the end of our session, that had all changed and she was able to accept (and enjoy) affection, once again.

Another customer was suffering from loneliness and low self esteem but I could see so much resplendent beauty in her that I showered her with affectionate words that came to my mind. After we met she said “I think my walls are starting to come down finally”

Another customer was struggling with recurring headaches and self-doubt. After meeting with me she had this to say:

“Thank you for meeting me on Sunday. I have been feeling great and woke up without a headache this morning. I am feeling relieved, like I said when you touched me, it felt like something was leaving my body through my head. After I left I felt three sharp pains from my head and I haven’t felt anything since. You made me realized this site is not for me too, after talking to you, you brought back something in me. It’s like I was lost but found. There is something soothing about you. You have a healing presence.”

So as you can see, while all these differ greatly from each other, they do share a common cure… love. And that’s what I offer. Untainted, pure love.

What is your training and healing philosophy?

My training has been multifaceted. I should probably write a long exposition on this at some point (follow my blog). But in sum it involved reading many scriptures. A personal yogini training me in asanas and a guru I met living abroad (Mr Mehdi) whom taught me much there is to know regarding Chakras, Qi and the female body. I’ve been trained in Reiki and there is also a plethora of information online that I’ve been able to draw from to continue my study. Most of it has come from practice and also a natural disposition my soul has for this work.

In general, my understanding now is that all diseases come from imbalances found in the individual, the family, the community, the nation and the planet. If we build barriers and compartmentalize the human form, we restrict flow and when we restrict flow, we restrict healing and where healing is restricted, things build up and like stagnant waters, diseases breed.

When you’re in my care I aim to find blockages, specifically those that can be healed or opened through love.

What are your fees?

I work for donations only. If we meet at a cafe near me, a free cup of tea or coffee will do 🙂

You can also use the paypal donations button above.

What does a session look like?

In simple terms, it’s a shared experience where I provide attention and affection. You’ll experience the genuine companionship and affection of masculine energy. I aim to provide you with a complete battery charge. The degree of affection offered, will largely depend on your needs. Can be as simple as conversation and holding hands, or as intimate as energy work and touch-less Reiki.

What are the health benefits, if any?

I aim to restore both mental and physical well-being all in one. While therapies like massage and chiropractic care focus on restoring muscular and skeletal flow, I aim to also unlock emotional blockages with one key ingredient, love. Genuine love and affection are key elements of my intuitive therapy and play a major role in aligning the mind of the client so that the body can then do the good work of aligning itself.

I also integrate the integumentary system (i.e. our largest organ, the skin). This is the organ that is intimately connected to your fascia and as such is the access to the entirety that is your body.