The moment I was enlightened

The moment I was enlightened was the moment I was sent into darkness. Many years ago I was forced to let go of my home and after it had all been vacated I walked in one last time to say goodbye. I stood in the sun room where my office used to be. I stood... Continue Reading →


Stop being a phoney

What is a phoney? A phoney is a lost creature. At first it may seem to be beheaded but if you look closely enough you'll notice the head is still attached just folded over like an inverted "L". A phoney tends to stare aimlessly at its palms which often speak back instructions on where to... Continue Reading →

The Victim Gene

For the past ten or so years I've been at once fascinated and yet alarmed by the toxic veneration people have for victims in society. Other critics on the topic have coined terms such as "victim-classes" or "victimhood Olympics" when debating the subject. I've also focused a lot of mental cycles in trying to decrypt... Continue Reading →

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