For couples – Tips on sexuality

I'm going to let you in on some secrets about male and female sexuality. Ok first off, sex is great but let's face it, it only amounts to thirty minutes out of your day if you're doing it right. So proportionately (1/48) it's not the end of the world if your spouse doesn't want it... Continue Reading →


For couples – Toxic relationships

Tip 4 Relationships between couples can sour or become toxic for many reasons.  And unfortunately toxicity is preventable but rarely ever curable.   At a fundamental level I believe a healthy relationship is one  where you each practice and perfect the art of pleasing the other. A toxic one is where one or both of... Continue Reading →

Is Diversity a Strength?

Diversity is a strength... or rather, it can be. Unfortunately, in this multicultural experiment that is the United States, diversity has far too often become a source of enmity and division. And I would argue that it is in no small part due to government intrusion and the way media portrays people of different races... Continue Reading →

The love of silence

It is so sad that so many dislike silence. If we sit by a field and can only hear a few chirps and the gentle breeze caressing the blades of grass, there is really no need to speak. We can sit there, silently and completely present. If we hold hands or I place mine on... Continue Reading →

A fool’s guide to polyamory

As someone whom is naturally poly-amorous, I thought people might find my thoughts on monogamy interesting. Over thousands of years I believe monogamy has proven itself to be the most superior model of family structures. The presence and moderating influence of a father and mother in the life of a child, statistically, appears to render... Continue Reading →

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