The Meaning of All Things – The Cosmos and Even You.

Existence as we are able to perceive it is a contest in slow motion. Energy amassed and collected in small concentrations, eager to amass more for itself. I am not speaking about physical energy, though this is true also. I'm talking about spiritual energies so please allow me to explain this further. The force that... Continue Reading →


The Final Codification of Good & Evil

For many thousands of years men and women have been attempting to codify the meaning of Good (God) and evil (Devil). And thereby also attempting to define what are proper and improper human behaviors. Establishing social constructs and social contracts that have provided the stabilizing force from which civilizations have emerged.  But all codes have... Continue Reading →

The Universe Is

Stars started when light was lit. Then life lived when beings began. And all that was and all that is, forever remains and forever retains.   Existence from one and one to many. Love through matter and matter to plenty.   All give rise and all return An infinite loop is life's sojourn   read... Continue Reading →

Your life’s purpose

What do I want? What do you want? As much as I can attempt to describe broadly and vaguely what men and women want, there is really no way anyone could answer the question of individual wants and desires. At least it is certainly nobody’s place to define them for you. But there are still... Continue Reading →

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