Sex in exchange for validation

Feminism has created such a toxic environment for the male/female dynamic in society that I believe it's responsible for the skyrocketing rates in female depression and drug consumption (mostly antidepressants).   (Read my post "A feminist guide to a Successful Marriage" to understand one reason why I believe this statement is true). The movement is perpetually... Continue Reading →


Why girls don’t like nice guys

What follows is an observation that will offend many men and women. Therefore, consider yourself trigger-warned. Furthermore, in this essay, the sexes are spoken of in broad general terms as beings that are driven primarily by their biological mandates (a term that I will explain). Therefore, if you are highly sentient, it's quite possible none... Continue Reading →

For couples – How to pleasure a wom(b)an

The art of pleasuring a wom(b)an (with a silent “b”) begins long before you even reach the bedroom. Loooong before that. See, we know that few men have historically had the capacity to pleasure women because geneticist are now finding evidence suggesting that for every one man in our ancestry there are 17 or more... Continue Reading →

For couples – Toxic relationships

Tip 4 Relationships between couples can sour or become toxic for many reasons.  And unfortunately toxicity is preventable but rarely ever curable.   At a fundamental level I believe a healthy relationship is one  where you each practice and perfect the art of pleasing the other. A toxic one is where one or both of... Continue Reading →

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