For couples – finding the balance

If you are their yin, let them be your yang. And within their yang find your yin and let the other find their yang within your yin. In other words if you've found a way to arrange your life as a couple in such a way that your strengths and contributions to the family compliment... Continue Reading →


For Couples – Your other half

I think I'm going to now start a series on relationship advice. Goal being to keep couples together. Yay for togetherness!! 🙂 Tip #1 There is no such thing as your other half unless you are willing to be the half they're looking for also.  So if they are not willing to be exactly like... Continue Reading →

Sex with Robots

"Are you compensating for something?" She said while looking at his pimped out four-wheel drive truck. It's a fair question. It's not uncommon for humans to artificially aggrandize themselves when they feel "lacking" in some other department. In fact, our popular culture is somewhat of a looking glass into those parts of our soul we feel... Continue Reading →

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