Into hedonism and back

For a time, i ventured off into what some might call a hedonistic lifestyle. Some might even think that what i did was me venturing into the "dark side." Or exploring the forbidden. My reasons for doing this were varied, some noble and some purely out of curiosity. I learned quite a bit, about different... Continue Reading →


The Final Codification of Good & Evil

For many thousands of years men and women have been attempting to codify the meaning of Good (God) and evil (Devil). And thereby also attempting to define what are proper and improper human behaviors. Establishing social constructs and social contracts that have provided the stabilizing force from which civilizations have emerged. ┬áBut all codes have... Continue Reading →

Is it ever good to sin?

Well first of all, sin is a man-made social construct. Of course it is. You don't put a fish in jail for killing and eating other fish. Or even in the case of our closest relatives, the ape; when a man kills the head of a family we don't reward him with alpha male status... Continue Reading →

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