Sex in exchange for validation

Feminism has created such a toxic environment for the male/female dynamic in society that I believe it's responsible for the skyrocketing rates in female depression and drug consumption (mostly antidepressants).   (Read my post "A feminist guide to a Successful Marriage" to understand one reason why I believe this statement is true). The movement is perpetually... Continue Reading →


The validation drug

Being with others that share your same views makes you happy because it validates your views and validation makes you feel happy about yourself. Feeling happy about yourself therefore makes you happy. But if you need others to make you feel happy about yourself then you will need others to feel happy and will therefore... Continue Reading →

The death of men and women

Among the many tragedies befalling our modern western society is the war among the sexes; which is less a war and more a mutual surrender. A sexual amputation, if you will, of men and women; a dispelling of female and male goddesses; turning men into non-men and women into non-women; allowing themselves to become no... Continue Reading →

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